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15 February 2024

New ❣️

Automated Candidate Interview Reminders is here!

Users looking to increase productivity and reduce no show interviews, our interview reminders promptly sends automated notifications to candidates about their upcoming interviews, to help minimize time wasted on manual communications and missed interviews.

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Fixes πŸ› οΈ

  • We resolved an incident that was not allowing applicants to submit their application via Indeed

  • Applicants will now be required to submit a resume, when applicable, when applying from Indeed

  • We fixed an issue around timezones and the interview scheduler. Timezones now function as intended

  • Offer letters are one again able to be re-sent to candidates after they have timed out

  • Candidate search will now yield results when using an internet browser on a mobile device as intended

  • We have resolved an issue that was not allowing hiring managers to save their notes in the β€œnotes” section of the interview

  • Attachments sent from the candidate are now available within "My Messages" inbox as intended

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the location banner at the top of the page to update with the current location after navigating from the "templates" page of settings

  • The MatrixCare "sync" button will now be available in a timely manner in the "hires" tab, if applicable

  • When manually scheduling an interview, the Google calendar invitation will, once again, generate the candidates full name as intended

  • SMS conversations in inbox will now display messages from most recent to oldest

10 January 2024

Welcome to 2024! We look forward to an action packed year of improving current functionality within Hireology as well as new and exciting features to enhance your recruiting and hiring experience!

Fixes πŸ› οΈ

  • We resolved an issue that was affecting some user’s ability to order background checksΒ 

  • You will now be directed to the candidates location when navigating from the message center

  • Applicants are once again able to add a January 2024 start date when submitting an application. The data will no longer show as missing when a users is reviewing applications.

  • We fixed an issue that was allowing applicants to apply without submitting a cover letter when cover letters were marked as required

  • You are once again able to archive default SMS templates

  • We resolved an issue that was preventing some users from ordering Caliper tests

12 December 2023

New 🎁

Now you can analyze performance data of Indeed Sponsored Jobs and track key metrics – like the number of applicants and spend to confidently measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts and plan future campaigns.

  • View performance and access insight data at a glance, including the number of views,clicks, total applicants, candidate and hires

  • Effortlessly export the ROI of your campaigns and share progress with your broader organization

  • Easily access Indeed Analytics for a deeper analysis to optimize your recruitment strategy

Check out the Hireology Knowledge Base articles below to learn more:

Insights and Reporting

Sponsoring Jobs on Indeed

Fixes πŸ”§

  • Fixed an issue where a la carte orders were not processing correctly. Now, users can confidently place orders for individual products and services, ensuring smooth processing and delivery.

  • Resolved a problem with SkillSurvey Reference Checks, enabling users to order these checks seamlessly. This feature provides valuable insights into candidates' references, aiding in the hiring decision-making process.

  • Addressed an issue that prevented users from renewing Indeed Sponsorship Campaigns. Now, users can easily extend their campaign durations, maximizing the visibility of their job postings on Indeed.

  • Improved the transfer process of applicants between jobs. Previously, prescreen survey scores and resumes were not transferred along with the applicant. With this fix, all relevant information will now be included when transferring applicants, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the hiring workflow.

  • Fixed an error where interview statuses were not displaying correctly for each applicant. Now, users can track and update the interview status of candidates accurately, ensuring transparent communication and streamlined evaluation.

  • Resolved an issue with the order of custom application questions. Previously, these questions were not displaying in the intended order. This fix ensures that custom questions appear in the correct sequence, providing a better application experience for candidates.

  • Addressed a problem where resumes were not populating when sharing an applicant via email. Now, users can easily share applicant profiles with all the necessary information, including resumes, facilitating collaboration and decision-making among hiring teams.

  • Eliminated a misleading indication of profile incompleteness after an update. Previously, when a candidate's profile was updated, an incorrect incomplete status was displayed. With this fix, users will no longer encounter this inaccurate indicator, ensuring clarity and accuracy in profile management.

What's Next

With these fixes and enhancements, users can expect a smoother and more efficient hiring process. These improvements will enable users to make informed decisions, streamline communication, and enhance collaboration within their hiring teams. We will continue to listen to user feedback and work towards further enhancing our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.

16 November 2023


We have launched the Campaigns and Audience Lists BETA to enable customers to nurture and engage talent within their database. See Applicant Campaigns & Audience Lists (Beta) in our knowledge base to learn more.


  • Resumes can be viewed in the mobile app again.

  • Applicants can once again be advanced and declined in the mobile app.

  • Load time slowdowns within the platform have been addressed and returned to normal.

  • An issue causing unrelated comments to appear on candidate files has been corrected.

  • SkillSurvey responses are once again visible in the platform.

  • Indeed Sponsorship campaigns now indicate when they have expired.

  • An incident causing signed dates to appear incorrectly for some applications has been fixed.

  • An issue causing some applications to be missing the applied date and signature has been resolved.

  • The 'Schedule Interview' button no longer shows as 'Resend Invite' when an interview request has not yet been sent.

  • Message template titles can no longer be saved with a title that already exists.

  • Resumes will now be included when candidates are transferred to other jobs.

  • Requests to update missing information will no longer be automatically sent when candidates are transferred to other jobs.

  • Optional application fields are now visible to hiring managers even when the field is left blank by the applicant.

  • Incorrect dates will no longer appear when manually scheduling interviews.

  • The 'Create Invite' button to manually schedule interviews is visible once again.

2 November 2023

New ⭐

  • We have increased account security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)! To learn more, please see Account Security in our knowledge base.

  • The new Resource Center combines our key resources in one convenient menu. To see it in action, click the Resource Center bubble in your Hireology account or check it out here!

Updated βœ…

  • Applicants can now choose Doctorate Degree from the dropdown menu when selecting their highest level of education completed.

  • Career sites and job widgets can now be filtered by Location instead of Store for all non-automotive customers.

  • Hireology now supports company addresses within these US Territories:

    Puerto Rico - PR
    U.S. Virgin Islands - VI
    American Samoa - AS
    Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands - MP
    Guam - GU
    Republic of the Marshall Islands - MH

12 October 2023

As promised, we are continuing our commitment to being Eager to Improve through our latest Bug Bash! Here are all the bugs our team recently addressed:


πŸ› Referrals that are added manually can now be linked to both Active and Inactive jobs.

πŸ› All referral campaign emails will now be sent successfully.

πŸ› QR codes generated within Hireology referrals now open the correct URL.

πŸ› Company names are now filled in automatically in the referrals chatbot.

πŸ› Users can navigate between PDF documents in a candidate's profile without receiving an error message.

πŸ› Prescreen surveys can now be submitted successfully by applicants.

πŸ› Users can now order background checks without getting stuck in the confirmation step.

πŸ› Users will no longer experience significant delays when marking messages as 'Reviewed' in the Inbox.

πŸ› Access to Insights data now corresponds to a user's permissions.

πŸ› The interview scheduler can now be launched without generating an error message.

πŸ› Correct dates are now displayed for interviews that are scheduled manually.

πŸ› Users will be prompted to provide an address when scheduling in-person interviews if the location address is missing.

28 September 2023

New! Default SMS Templates
You can view, edit, or archive these templates by navigating to Settings, clicking Templates, and selecting Text Templates. They are also available for selection from the SMS templates dropdown menu.

Missing Information Automation Update
All application fields can now be edited by candidates when the missing information email is sent automatically or manually. To learn more, please see Missing Information.

Distinct Candidate Profiles Update
When an applicant applies multiple times to the same or different jobs, each application will contain details that are unique to that specific application. To learn more, check out Duplicate / Multiple Applications.


  • Background checks did not populate after being ordered.

  • Changes made to Career Site settings disappeared after leaving the page.

  • Applications could not be viewed when the application included custom questions.

  • Email templates for Hireology Referrals did not always save successfully after editing.

  • The interview confirmation template did not populate correctly when manually scheduling interviews.

  • FAQs in the Hireology Referrals chatbot did not display correctly when italics were used.

  • Correct capitalization had to be used in order to produce results when using the magnifying glass to search for candidates by name.

  • Offer letters could not be downloaded once the letter was signed.

  • Candidate messages disappeared from the Inbox when a candidate was declined.

  • Netchex could not be enabled on new accounts.

  • Incorrect disposition codes were being set when transferring a candidate to another job.

  • The option to text a candidate was available even when the candidate did not provide a phone number.

15 September 2023

Indeed Sponsorship is now available within your Hireology account! ⭐

Our full integration with Indeed Sponsored Jobs means that jobs can be sponsored from the Hireology platform while maintaining the flexibility and analytics offered by Indeed. Job seekers who apply to Hireology jobs with Indeed sponsorship can be moved through your hiring process via Hireology.

To learn more, check out Sponsoring Jobs on Indeed!

31 August 2023

New πŸŽ‰

  • We've added a Last Refreshed date to the Jobs page that will appear after a job has been automatically refreshed!

Updated πŸ™Œ

  • A Pro Tip has been added to the Job Details page to clarify who should be included on the hiring team when opening a job.

  • We heard your request and brought back the Resume display window on the Interview Page!

  • To make it easier for applicants to understand why they should opt-in to SMS, the opt-in verbiage has been updated to say, "I would like to communicate with the hiring team via text message about my application and next steps."

  • As a reminder, Hireology now supports Google Analytics 4, since Google no longer supports the Universal Analytics platform. To add your new Google Analytics 4 Tag ID, navigate to Settings β†’ Career Site β†’ Google Tracking or check out Tracking Hireology Data With Google Analytics for more details.

Fixed πŸ‘·

  • The 'Open a Job' button has been hidden for all users who do not have the permission to open a job.

  • Orders for 10-panel drug screenings will now be processed correctly.

  • Missing custom email and SMS templates can be accessed as expected in the platform.

  • Remote jobs can now be edited to have a location.

11 August 2023

Enhanced Account Protection πŸ”’

To strengthen the security of your account, we released an update on August 7, 2023 that will require users to sign in more frequently. Users will be logged out automatically after 24 hours of inactivity, or once every 14 days for users who take action more often than every 24 hours.

To learn more, see Account Security in our support center.

Job Refresh & Indeed Sponsored Jobs πŸ”„

We recently discovered a minor issue with how job refresh impacts Indeed sponsored jobs. To keep things running smoothly and ensure the best results, we’re making an adjustment to the job refresh schedule. Any jobs set to refresh in August will have the refresh date extended by 30 days. This impacts all customers whether or not you are currently sponsoring a job.

Please note, if you are sponsoring a job directly on Indeed, automatic job refresh should be disabled while your campaign is running to avoid any issues like being accidentally removed or pausing the budget.Β 

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