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18 November 2022


  • Offer letters: If the “Signature Required” box is selected, it will now require a signature went sent to candidate. 

  • Interview scheduling: A candidate will receive an email notification when the interview is scheduled. 

  • Background checks: You will now be able to re-order a background check on a candidate when their initial background check request expired due to them not authorizing it in time (within a 10 day time frame).


28 October 2022

👾 Fixed

  • Career site jobs should now filter properly based on organizations.

  • The hiring manager list appears in alphabetical order again.

  • You can no longer place a SkillSurvey order without selecting a template first.


21 September 2022

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Job Distribution Core ATS
21 September 2022


  • Job Refresh is back! Easily set any open job to automatically refresh to the top of organic feeds every 60 days. Take a look at your jobs page for more details.


  • Users can now edit jobs even if the original hiring manager’s account is inactive. 

  • We fixed a display issue for some interview confirmation emails that would sometimes display an incorrect address.

  • Selecting “revise offer letter” no longer results in a blank page displaying for some users.

  • We fixed a bug that caused disposition codes to change in some instances after being selected.

  • We fixed a bug for some Referral users who could not update certain setting toggles when selecting social referrals.

🔦Feature Spotlight: Interview Self Scheduling

  • Get interviews booked faster with candidate interview self scheduling. Sync your calendar with Hireology to let applicants select and reserve interview times to fast-track conversations. Setup calendar sync in less than one minute now >


Referrals Core ATS
1 September 2022


  • Accounts with Netchex and Hireology Referrals can now have their employee lists synced to Referrals automatically, eliminating the need for manual team updates for new or terminated employees.

  • Admins who open Inbox messages for other locations will now see a notification to take them to the top-level account so they can respond.

  • Candidate search now supports partial strings for names, emails and phone numbers, so searching for “Jo” will return Johnson, John, Joanne, etc.

  • We made it easier to see the email subject line when selecting a new email from the template drop down menu. 

  • You can now add users to a hiring team as soon as you open a new job.

  • SkillSurvey reference reports are now fully interactive! The classic report look is still available if you select Save or Print from the main navigation of the new reporting experience. See a sample report here >


  • We improved the Status & Visibility filter to accurately reflect results after returning to a results screen using your browser’s back button. 

  • We improved how bonuses are displayed in Hireology Referrals.


Referrals References +1
5 August 2022


  • Customers with Hireology Referrals can now sync their employee directories from over 38 payroll/HRIS providers and 35 ATS providers, eliminating the need to manually update the employee list after every team change. Learn how to set up these integrations here

  • When opening up a new job, the location information will automatically be populated with the address of your Hireology account.

  • Non-admins in Hireology can now access Hireology Referrals straight from their account.

  • Hireology References will now fully support SMS outreach to candidates who opt in, allowing them to submit references via text or traditional email.

  • We have introduced a more affordable option for customers to sponsor their open jobs on Indeed.

  • We have added an Upgrade your Plan page to all Hireology accounts. Customers will be able to discover all the add-ons Hireology has to offer and schedule a 1:1 consultation to learn more.

  • Customers with Hireology Referrals can now search by job description in the job search section of their account. 

  • Customers with Hireology Referrals can now build job lists based on their job ID number.

  • We added a filter on the Jobs dashboard to help customers easily sort and identify which jobs are templated to make the management and cleanup of jobs easier.


  • We improved load times for a dramatically faster experience for Hireology Referral users on accounts with 10,000+ records.

  • We resolved an issue where applicants were not able to pick a time for their interview when receiving a link from Hireology’s Interview Scheduler.

  • We fixed a defect where a user was not receiving confirmation after purchasing a sponsored job board posting.

  • Candidate search should no longer persist saved searches across different users and accounts.

  • The address line fields are no longer required after editing a candidate’s information.

  • We resolved an issue that prevented from displaying the following currencies in Hireology Referrals: CLP, HK, IDR, JOD, SAR, AED.

  • We fixed a bug preventing Hireology Referral users from viewing all of their fields when running reward reports.

  • We fixed an issue when managing referral bonuses on specific jobs in Hireology Referrals.

  • We resolved an issue within the candidate search functionality that caused user’s saved searches to not work as expected.


29 July 2022

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Core ATS
21 July 2022


  • We have taken the same great experience of our release notes and put them in-app! Simply click on the Bell Icon in the top navigation bar of your account to see the latest releases each month. 

  • We now integrate directly with UKG Ready, an award-winning HR solution. Seamlessly transfer new hire data from Hireology into UKG Ready, kickstarting the onboarding process quickly. See how to set-up this integration here.


  • We resolved an issue where a candidate’s application file was not able to be downloaded when a user shared a candidate through the Share via Email link under the Share button.

  • We fixed an issue when searching for a word or term in the pre-screen survey Search/Filter field where results returned didn’t relate to the word searched.


Bug Fixes New +1
iOS App Core ATS
2 June 2022


  • Upon signing into the Hireology mobile app for iOS, users can enable notifications for ‘new applicants’ and ‘inbox notifications’ to guide them back to the app when something requires their attention.

  • Users can use the @ symbol to tag other team members in the comment section on applicant and candidate profiles within the mobile app. Those who are mentioned will be notified that they have been tagged and can view those comments on the web or in the mobile app. 

  • Users will be able to share applicants via the mobile app (PDF link of resume only) with other team members through a variety of different communication apps already downloaded on their mobile.  Examples include Slack, Mail, Gmail, What’s App or any other communication app. 

  • Users with no new applicants to review on the mobile app will see an updated home screen where they will have quick access to their Messages and People.

  • We have added the ability to sponsor open roles directly with Indeed, allowing you to quickly connect with the world’s largest talent network without ever leaving the Hireology application.

  • We’ve added a new option for background checks that combines the QuickSearch and 4 Panel Drug Screen.


  • On the jobs page, we replaced the term Applied On with Filter Last Action so users no longer need to navigate to the History page to see this information.

  • Search criteria on the candidate search page is saved even if you navigate away from the page. You can also bookmark or share the search URL to save the results for later use.

  • Within Hireology Referrals, you can link referrals to their corresponding employee profile for improved tracking.

  • Within Hireology Referrals, you can now import jobs from SmartRecruiters.


  • We resolved an issue that a default answer was not available when creating or editing pre-screen survey.

  • We fixed a bug that caused interview scheduling emails not to send due to availability dates not populating.

  • A bug that caused the interview scheduling email to be blank has been fixed.

  • We resolved an issue where applicants were able to submit an application with only one work experience filled out. Applicants now must submit a total of three work experiences to submit the application.

  • We fixed an issue with the prescreen survey where repeated search and filters leave a blank question.

  • We resolved the issue where cancellation emails for manual interviews were displaying incorrect times.

  • We updated the capitalization for scheduled interview event names to now say Phone and In-person.

  • We fixed an issue where duplicate custom email templates were created upon saving for some users.

  • We added additional currencies in Hireology Referrals for Croatia, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

  • We fixed the job list settings when creating custom links and QR codes in Hireology Referrals so users are correctly directed to their job lists.


Bug Fixes Improvements
Referrals Skills Tests +1
25 May 2022

🧪 Improvements

  • We updated the descriptions on the Create and Edit job flows to be more clear: the checkbox “Other users in my account can clone this job” is now “Create a job template that other users on my account can use.”

  • Additionally, the Create and Edit job checkbox “Allow my locations and divisions to clone this job” is now “Create a job template that all my locations and divisions can use.”

  • We introduced the ability to better customize referral bonus rules based on custom job lists, allowing for better control over incentive payouts for your employee referral program.

  • Users can now add custom social share images to promote referral program jobs.

  • We updated the job share panel to only appear if the role’s status is set to “open” or “public” to avoid accidentally sharing internal-only positions publicly.

  • We tweaked the custom email template form to make required fields easier to see.

  • The location management dashboard is now fully responsive for mobile web users.

  • The Promote button on a job has been renamed to Sponsor this job.

  • Referral users can filter referrals and rewards using custom date ranges and other criteria.

👾 Fixed

  • We resolved an issue where emails with very long titles were not displaying correctly for some users.

  • We corrected an issue where interview times were not loading for users on some Windows devices.

  • We removed Office 2007 skill assessments to align with Microsoft’s decision to no longer support these products.

  • We fixed an issue where some images were not displayed correctly when a referral job was shared on social media.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented some users from saving prescreen survey edits.

  • We also fixed an issue impacting some administrators from updating role permissions for their users without a forced page refresh.

  • We resolved an issue that prevented certain email templates from loading preview messages before sending.

  • We squashed a bug that prevented navigating back to previous pages of applicants and candidate results for some users.

  • The job share panel can now be opened again on jobs with no applicants and candidates.

  • Users who had issues @Mentioning other team members via comments should now see the full list of available team members to tag. 

  • We fixed an issue preventing a small number of users from submitting a referral on some company networks.

  • We fixed an issue where users could not select members from their hiring team as an interviewer, if those hiring team members belonged to a different location.


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