15 February 2024

New ❣️

Automated Candidate Interview Reminders is here!

Users looking to increase productivity and reduce no show interviews, our interview reminders promptly sends automated notifications to candidates about their upcoming interviews, to help minimize time wasted on manual communications and missed interviews.

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Fixes 🛠️

  • We resolved an incident that was not allowing applicants to submit their application via Indeed

  • Applicants will now be required to submit a resume, when applicable, when applying from Indeed

  • We fixed an issue around timezones and the interview scheduler. Timezones now function as intended

  • Offer letters are one again able to be re-sent to candidates after they have timed out

  • Candidate search will now yield results when using an internet browser on a mobile device as intended

  • We have resolved an issue that was not allowing hiring managers to save their notes in the “notes” section of the interview

  • Attachments sent from the candidate are now available within "My Messages" inbox as intended

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the location banner at the top of the page to update with the current location after navigating from the "templates" page of settings

  • The MatrixCare "sync" button will now be available in a timely manner in the "hires" tab, if applicable

  • When manually scheduling an interview, the Google calendar invitation will, once again, generate the candidates full name as intended

  • SMS conversations in inbox will now display messages from most recent to oldest