8 March 2024

New 🌷

Build a seamless hiring experience with Hireology + Adams Keegan!

As one of Adam’s Keegan’s preferred integration partners for applicant tracking systems (ATS), you can now seamlessly transfer candidate data as soon as a hire is made – allowing you to get your new hire housekeeping and front desk staff onboarded faster.

With this one-way integration, you will:

  • Give time back to your team and onboard new hires faster

  • Eliminate the need to enter data manually

  • Create a seamless experience for your new hires

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Indeed + EEOC Information

If you have EEOC questions included on your roles application- candidates applying directly from Indeed or using Indeed Apply will be prompted to complete EEOC questions during their application process. Hireology will mark EEOC questions as such when sending to Indeed to ensure that sensitive information in applicants responses is handed appropriately on Indeed and in Hireology.

Learn more about EEOC data and Indeed

Fixes 👷‍♀️

  • An issue preventing referral emails from being sent to both the referral and the employee connector has been resolved

  • The referral rewards page will now load correctly

  • A issue that was preventing the users ability to apply a phone number for text apply has been resolved

  • Candidates that had been declined from a job previously were able to re-apply to the same job, we have now addressed and fixed this issue

  • Errors effecting the users ability to edit pay rate on the offer letter have been fixed

  • An issue that was causing background check status to display the incorrect status has been fixed