2 July 2024

Fixes βœ…

  • Applicants will sync with ClearCare for customers using the integration as expected.

  • When contacting applicants for an interview via the iOS mobile app, the correct applicant will be notified. Users must ensure they are using the the most up to date version of the iOS app.

  • Customers using the ADP integration will see applicants syncing to ADP as expected.

  • An error related to the user permissions "Can open new jobs" and "Can edit exiting jobs" has been resolved and permissions are working as expected.

  • When adding new locations to our onboarding vendor, Clickboarding, these locations will now sync as intended.

  • An issue that led users who ordered background checks to receive multiple email notification's when the candidate authorized the check has been fixed.

  • Users can log into the Hireology platform using SSO as expected.

  • Errors related to making comments on an applicants via the mobile app have been fixed. The comment will no longer be duplicated and will show in the intended profile.

  • When scheduling an interview, the scheduler will default to US cities, zip codes and time zones as expected.