12 October 2023

As promised, we are continuing our commitment to being Eager to Improve through our latest Bug Bash! Here are all the bugs our team recently addressed:


🐛 Referrals that are added manually can now be linked to both Active and Inactive jobs.

🐛 All referral campaign emails will now be sent successfully.

🐛 QR codes generated within Hireology referrals now open the correct URL.

🐛 Company names are now filled in automatically in the referrals chatbot.

🐛 Users can navigate between PDF documents in a candidate's profile without receiving an error message.

🐛 Prescreen surveys can now be submitted successfully by applicants.

🐛 Users can now order background checks without getting stuck in the confirmation step.

🐛 Users will no longer experience significant delays when marking messages as 'Reviewed' in the Inbox.

🐛 Access to Insights data now corresponds to a user's permissions.

🐛 The interview scheduler can now be launched without generating an error message.

🐛 Correct dates are now displayed for interviews that are scheduled manually.

🐛 Users will be prompted to provide an address when scheduling in-person interviews if the location address is missing.