16 November 2023


We have launched the Campaigns and Audience Lists BETA to enable customers to nurture and engage talent within their database. See Applicant Campaigns & Audience Lists (Beta) in our knowledge base to learn more.


  • Resumes can be viewed in the mobile app again.

  • Applicants can once again be advanced and declined in the mobile app.

  • Load time slowdowns within the platform have been addressed and returned to normal.

  • An issue causing unrelated comments to appear on candidate files has been corrected.

  • SkillSurvey responses are once again visible in the platform.

  • Indeed Sponsorship campaigns now indicate when they have expired.

  • An incident causing signed dates to appear incorrectly for some applications has been fixed.

  • An issue causing some applications to be missing the applied date and signature has been resolved.

  • The 'Schedule Interview' button no longer shows as 'Resend Invite' when an interview request has not yet been sent.

  • Message template titles can no longer be saved with a title that already exists.

  • Resumes will now be included when candidates are transferred to other jobs.

  • Requests to update missing information will no longer be automatically sent when candidates are transferred to other jobs.

  • Optional application fields are now visible to hiring managers even when the field is left blank by the applicant.

  • Incorrect dates will no longer appear when manually scheduling interviews.

  • The 'Create Invite' button to manually schedule interviews is visible once again.