Bug Fixes Improvements
Referrals Skills Tests +1
25 May 2022

🧪 Improvements

  • We updated the descriptions on the Create and Edit job flows to be more clear: the checkbox “Other users in my account can clone this job” is now “Create a job template that other users on my account can use.”

  • Additionally, the Create and Edit job checkbox “Allow my locations and divisions to clone this job” is now “Create a job template that all my locations and divisions can use.”

  • We introduced the ability to better customize referral bonus rules based on custom job lists, allowing for better control over incentive payouts for your employee referral program.

  • Users can now add custom social share images to promote referral program jobs.

  • We updated the job share panel to only appear if the role’s status is set to “open” or “public” to avoid accidentally sharing internal-only positions publicly.

  • We tweaked the custom email template form to make required fields easier to see.

  • The location management dashboard is now fully responsive for mobile web users.

  • The Promote button on a job has been renamed to Sponsor this job.

  • Referral users can filter referrals and rewards using custom date ranges and other criteria.

👾 Fixed

  • We resolved an issue where emails with very long titles were not displaying correctly for some users.

  • We corrected an issue where interview times were not loading for users on some Windows devices.

  • We removed Office 2007 skill assessments to align with Microsoft’s decision to no longer support these products.

  • We fixed an issue where some images were not displayed correctly when a referral job was shared on social media.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented some users from saving prescreen survey edits.

  • We also fixed an issue impacting some administrators from updating role permissions for their users without a forced page refresh.

  • We resolved an issue that prevented certain email templates from loading preview messages before sending.

  • We squashed a bug that prevented navigating back to previous pages of applicants and candidate results for some users.

  • The job share panel can now be opened again on jobs with no applicants and candidates.

  • Users who had issues @Mentioning other team members via comments should now see the full list of available team members to tag. 

  • We fixed an issue preventing a small number of users from submitting a referral on some company networks.

  • We fixed an issue where users could not select members from their hiring team as an interviewer, if those hiring team members belonged to a different location.