7 July 2023

In the spirit of being Eager to Improve, we launched our first-ever Bug Bash this month! Our team focused their recent efforts on squashing bugs to improve system performance, and ultimately enhance the user experience for our loyal customers. Check out what we've accomplished below and stay tuned for our next Bug Bash! 🥳


  • The Reporting tab under Insights now populates with candidate data.

  • Latency issues no longer cause Hireology to not load for some users.

  • Career site jobs filters now sort properly on page load.

  • Accounts that were unable to previously, can now close jobs.

  • Text messages sent through automation will now use customized message templates.

  • Candidate SMS replies now populate in the app.

  • The 10-panel drug screen now processes correctly.

  • The “New” text next to the applicant number is no longer cut off.

  • Jobs that were switched to a physical address after being created with a remote location, now populate correctly on Indeed.

  • @mentioning a person that does not exist as a user in Hireology no longer results in a blank page.

  • Users can now edit the Application Form from Hiring Steps without getting stuck on the Application Form page.

  • Candidate statuses can now be updated in the pop-up modal after sending an email.

  • Custom applications now collect Required information consistently.

  • The Offer Letter page now loads correctly when navigating from the candidate list for all users.

  • The SMS dropdown now resizes correctly based on the template chosen.

  • Jobs opened on a child account no longer pull in the address of the parent account instead of the child location.

  • Clicking the “Needs Review” button on the Applicant page no longer results in a blank screen.

  • New Hires are no longer getting stuck in Onboarding.

  • The word "Null" no longer shows under Details in the Report Card when removing address information for an applicant.

  • The email template dropdown menu is now responsive for all users.

  • Jobs opened from a template now list a job family.

  • Users can now open inbox messages from all pages in Settings.

  • Inbox notifications no longer disappear while on certain pages in Settings.

  • Work History and Other headings are no longer included on printed and downloaded applications when they should not be.

  • Candidate details now populate on the candidate profile page every time.

  • Resume info now displays correctly when pulled up on the Interview page.

Hireology Referral Fixes

  • Referral campaign messages now display Referrals and Hires correctly.

  • Specific job bonuses are once more an option in Referral Account Settings.

  • All hires made in Hireology are now transferred into the Referrals portal.

  • The extra “of” typo in TextApply has been corrected for the sentence, "What type of job of are you interested in?"

  • The Referral QR code no longer loads incorrect web pages.


  • EEO forms now reflect the OFCCP’s new Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form.

  • The candidate Details modal now allows address, city, and zip to be deleted.