Referrals Core ATS
1 September 2022


  • Accounts with Netchex and Hireology Referrals can now have their employee lists synced to Referrals automatically, eliminating the need for manual team updates for new or terminated employees.

  • Admins who open Inbox messages for other locations will now see a notification to take them to the top-level account so they can respond.

  • Candidate search now supports partial strings for names, emails and phone numbers, so searching for “Jo” will return Johnson, John, Joanne, etc.

  • We made it easier to see the email subject line when selecting a new email from the template drop down menu. 

  • You can now add users to a hiring team as soon as you open a new job.

  • SkillSurvey reference reports are now fully interactive! The classic report look is still available if you select Save or Print from the main navigation of the new reporting experience. See a sample report here >


  • We improved the Status & Visibility filter to accurately reflect results after returning to a results screen using your browser’s back button. 

  • We improved how bonuses are displayed in Hireology Referrals.