25 February 2022
Bug Fixes New +1
Referrals iOS App +1


  • We launched Interview Scheduling to provide your team with a better way to schedule interviews. Automatically sync hiring manager calendars with Hireology and give applicants the power to choose a time that works best for them.

  • Our new candidate search functionality to provide a more efficient way to quickly search and find the right candidate by email, phone number, and other resume keywords to return highly relevant results.

  • The Hireology mobile app for iOS now allows users to rate applicants using our 5-star scale, resend pre-screen surveys, and view candidate correspondence with Inbox.

  • Inbox users will now see more contextual information including the most recent action such as a completed interview and location details in addition to the candidate’s name in the headers of email and SMS messages.

  • Mass Download launched, allowing hiring managers to batch download candidate and new hire onboarding documents in a single action for Hireology Onboarding users.


  • We fixed a bug on iOS that showed some users a persistent new message notification even if there was not a message to review.

  • We fixed an iOS issue where the date displayed was not updated to reflect the current date if a user remained in an active session for longer than 24 hours.

  • We fixed an issue where incorrect company logos were populating in new accounts for Hireology Referral users.


  • For Hireology Referrals, we increased the functionality of admins for multiple accounts to easily switch and view stats across all of their locations.

  • Hireology Referral users will also now have the ability to directly post their referral campaigns on their social media accounts. With a single click, user can push out a message and share open jobs with their networks.

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