2 March 2023

New 🎉

We have expanded our partnership with Indeed! This enhanced integration with the world's #1 job site improves Hireology’s job distribution capabilities, helping to fill critical job openings even faster. You can read more about it here!

Email Automation for Missing Information is now live! Opt-in to automatically request missing details from applicants who did not provide their First Name, Last Name, and/or Resume when applying for your open role. To learn how to enable automation, check out Email Automation for Missing Info in our knowledge base!

Fixed 🛠️

  • We have corrected an issue whereby applicants who accepted or declined job offers after 8pm their local time would show an accepted or declined date of (1) day later. Now, the correct date is captured regardless of when an offer is accepted or declined!

  • Applicants who are added to jobs manually will now be opted out of SMS communication by default. Applicants who are transferred to other jobs will be opted in or out of SMS communication depending on their choice for the job they are being transferred out of.

  • We discovered that applicants who were selecting 'Current Job' when entering their Work History were seeing the end date automatically populate with the current month and year. We have adjusted this so no end date will show when 'Current Job' is selected.

  • We have removed duplicate items from the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability section of the application.

  • Previously, when an application was downloaded or printed, the Career Needs section would display "No" as the answer to questions that were not included in the application. This has been fixed so downloaded or printed applications will now match the application as it shows in Hireology.

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