6 February 2023


Hireology Referrals

  • One Click: Hireology users can now launch referrals and quickly invite their team to ask for referrals without uploading a connector list or creating a campaign. This makes getting your referral campaigns out and into your network easier! You can learn more about it here!

  • Netchex & Hireology Referrals: Hireology Referrals now supports customers with multiple Netchex accounts! Customers can sync their employees to either one centralized referral program or individual referral programs, eliminating the need for manual CSV uploads.

LinkedIn Company ID

LinkedIn now requires that ATS partners provide each customer’s LinkedIn Company ID when sending jobs to LinkedIn. Hireology allows customers to input their company ID in the Settings page of their app. Check out Posting Hireology Jobs to your LinkedIn Company Page to learn how to do this.