5 August 2022
Referrals Core ATS


  • Customers with Hireology Referrals can now sync their employee directories from over 38 payroll/HRIS providers and 35 ATS providers, eliminating the need to manually update the employee list after every team change. Learn how to set up these integrations here

  • When opening up a new job, the location information will automatically be populated with the address of your Hireology account.

  • Non-admins in Hireology can now access Hireology Referrals straight from their account.


  • We improved load times for a dramatically faster experience for Hireology Referral users on accounts with 10,000+ records.

  • We resolved an issue where applicants were not able to pick a time for their interview when receiving a link from Hireology’s Interview Scheduler.

  • We fixed a defect where a user was not receiving confirmation after purchasing a sponsored job board posting.

  • Candidate search should no longer persist saved searches across different users and accounts.

  • The address line fields are no longer required after editing a candidate’s information.

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