20 April 2023

First, the tea 🫖

Hireology’s latest Indeed integration expansion, Indeed Disposition Sync, uses disposition data to help you improve applicant quality over time!

Here's what you need to know:

When actions are taken on applicants and candidates in your Hireology account, Indeed Disposition Sync automatically sends this information to Indeed. This data is aggregated by Indeed and used to improve the way jobs are displayed to job seekers with matching qualifications. To learn more, check out Indeed Disposition Sync!

And, of course, we've been working on ourselves 😊

  • Fixed: Some users reported that email and job description text fields would not load.

  • Fixed: Applicant and candidate responses to SMS messages were not syncing to Hireology.

  • Fixed: Sharing a candidate's file via email resulted in a successful sending notification but the email was not delivered.

  • Fixed: The Automations tab on the Settings page would disappear after clicking the Integrations tab.

  • Fixed: After updating account settings in the Referrals portal, some users were experiencing a page refresh that resulted in an error message that the page could not be viewed.

  • Fixed: Source data for Referrals was not being transferred to iCIMS.

  • Fixed: Error message when trying to add a text-apply phone number in Referrals.