31 August 2023

New 🎉

  • We've added a Last Refreshed date to the Jobs page that will appear after a job has been automatically refreshed!

Updated 🙌

  • A Pro Tip has been added to the Job Details page to clarify who should be included on the hiring team when opening a job.

  • We heard your request and brought back the Resume display window on the Interview Page!

  • To make it easier for applicants to understand why they should opt-in to SMS, the opt-in verbiage has been updated to say, "I would like to communicate with the hiring team via text message about my application and next steps."

  • As a reminder, Hireology now supports Google Analytics 4, since Google no longer supports the Universal Analytics platform. To add your new Google Analytics 4 Tag ID, navigate to Settings → Career Site → Google Tracking or check out Tracking Hireology Data With Google Analytics for more details.

Fixed 👷

  • The 'Open a Job' button has been hidden for all users who do not have the permission to open a job.

  • Orders for 10-panel drug screenings will now be processed correctly.

  • Missing custom email and SMS templates can be accessed as expected in the platform.

  • Remote jobs can now be edited to have a location.