12 December 2023

New 🎁

Now you can analyze performance data of Indeed Sponsored Jobs and track key metrics – like the number of applicants and spend to confidently measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts and plan future campaigns.

  • View performance and access insight data at a glance, including the number of views,clicks, total applicants, candidate and hires

  • Effortlessly export the ROI of your campaigns and share progress with your broader organization

  • Easily access Indeed Analytics for a deeper analysis to optimize your recruitment strategy

Check out the Hireology Knowledge Base articles below to learn more:

Insights and Reporting

Sponsoring Jobs on Indeed

Fixes 🔧

  • Fixed an issue where a la carte orders were not processing correctly. Now, users can confidently place orders for individual products and services, ensuring smooth processing and delivery.

  • Resolved a problem with SkillSurvey Reference Checks, enabling users to order these checks seamlessly. This feature provides valuable insights into candidates' references, aiding in the hiring decision-making process.

  • Addressed an issue that prevented users from renewing Indeed Sponsorship Campaigns. Now, users can easily extend their campaign durations, maximizing the visibility of their job postings on Indeed.

  • Improved the transfer process of applicants between jobs. Previously, prescreen survey scores and resumes were not transferred along with the applicant. With this fix, all relevant information will now be included when transferring applicants, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the hiring workflow.

  • Fixed an error where interview statuses were not displaying correctly for each applicant. Now, users can track and update the interview status of candidates accurately, ensuring transparent communication and streamlined evaluation.

  • Resolved an issue with the order of custom application questions. Previously, these questions were not displaying in the intended order. This fix ensures that custom questions appear in the correct sequence, providing a better application experience for candidates.

  • Addressed a problem where resumes were not populating when sharing an applicant via email. Now, users can easily share applicant profiles with all the necessary information, including resumes, facilitating collaboration and decision-making among hiring teams.

  • Eliminated a misleading indication of profile incompleteness after an update. Previously, when a candidate's profile was updated, an incorrect incomplete status was displayed. With this fix, users will no longer encounter this inaccurate indicator, ensuring clarity and accuracy in profile management.

What's Next

With these fixes and enhancements, users can expect a smoother and more efficient hiring process. These improvements will enable users to make informed decisions, streamline communication, and enhance collaboration within their hiring teams. We will continue to listen to user feedback and work towards further enhancing our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.