Bug Fixes New +1
iOS App Core ATS
2 June 2022


  • Upon signing into the Hireology mobile app for iOS, users can enable notifications for ‘new applicants’ and ‘inbox notifications’ to guide them back to the app when something requires their attention.

  • Users can use the @ symbol to tag other team members in the comment section on applicant and candidate profiles within the mobile app. Those who are mentioned will be notified that they have been tagged and can view those comments on the web or in the mobile app. 

  • Users will be able to share applicants via the mobile app (PDF link of resume only) with other team members through a variety of different communication apps already downloaded on their mobile.  Examples include Slack, Mail, Gmail, What’s App or any other communication app. 

  • Users with no new applicants to review on the mobile app will see an updated home screen where they will have quick access to their Messages and People.

  • We have added the ability to sponsor open roles directly with Indeed, allowing you to quickly connect with the world’s largest talent network without ever leaving the Hireology application.

  • We’ve added a new option for background checks that combines the QuickSearch and 4 Panel Drug Screen.


  • On the jobs page, we replaced the term Applied On with Filter Last Action so users no longer need to navigate to the History page to see this information.

  • Search criteria on the candidate search page is saved even if you navigate away from the page. You can also bookmark or share the search URL to save the results for later use.

  • Within Hireology Referrals, you can link referrals to their corresponding employee profile for improved tracking.

  • Within Hireology Referrals, you can now import jobs from SmartRecruiters.


  • We resolved an issue that a default answer was not available when creating or editing pre-screen survey.

  • We fixed a bug that caused interview scheduling emails not to send due to availability dates not populating.

  • A bug that caused the interview scheduling email to be blank has been fixed.

  • We resolved an issue where applicants were able to submit an application with only one work experience filled out. Applicants now must submit a total of three work experiences to submit the application.

  • We fixed an issue with the prescreen survey where repeated search and filters leave a blank question.

  • We resolved the issue where cancellation emails for manual interviews were displaying incorrect times.

  • We updated the capitalization for scheduled interview event names to now say Phone and In-person.

  • We fixed an issue where duplicate custom email templates were created upon saving for some users.

  • We added additional currencies in Hireology Referrals for Croatia, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

  • We fixed the job list settings when creating custom links and QR codes in Hireology Referrals so users are correctly directed to their job lists.